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If only I had known about Motee. A student’s perspective.

Written by Motee Team on June 24, 2018

large lecture class

How to college.

That’s something every college student has to figure out, and unfortunately, it involves a lot of trial and error.

One of the most important lessons that you can learn about how to college is that connecting with your classmates and campus community is one of the most beneficial ways to grow and succeed academically and professionally.

But, that’s easier said than done… at least, so we thought.

In my first year of college, I attended a 400 person economics lecture hall and I didn’t know a soul. Nor did I understand anything the professor was talking about. Each day I sat in the same seat so that maybe I could get to know the person beside me. But every week, the person beside me decided to drop the class and a new person took the seat…and so the cycle continued.

I was confused, alone and desperate for someone to come walk alongside me and help me get through this class.

You’d think with 400 people in that class there would be an easier way to connect with others, to form study groups and to have a network of people working together.

If only I had known about Motee.

Motee is an online platform that allows students to connect with other students in the same department, major and class. By connecting on Motee students are able to send messages, connect in forums, as well as coordinate times to meet with a study group.

This collaborative process benefits everyone. By joining Motee you are joining a network and gaining access to a tool that will allow you to succeed academically.

But not only will Motee help you academically, it also can help you mentally and emotionally by receiving and giving peer support from and to others in your same situation.

During finals season, when I’m on my third cup of coffee and on my 17th hour without sleep, all I want is someone to tell me that I can make it through the class. That’s the beauty of Motee.

With Motee, your classmates can encourage you by saying you’re a great listener, a great note taker, your comments are really insightful and that you have a lot to offer the class—there is a world of possibilities for the way they can encourage you. These encouraging notes can be the difference to students who feel as if their grades are defining them and they’re drowning in their textbooks.

Motee encourages and emphasizes leadership, collaboration, connection and an aspiration to succeed amongst its users. From one student to another, Motee is an invaluable and unprecedented resource that allows students, like myself, to find peer collaboration as well as a positive attitude in order to successfully make it through some of the toughest courses any university has to offer.

Guest author: Jordan Howard, UNC 19