You signed up to be a Motee tutor — now what???

Here are some tutor tips to get you started:

Subject Area

First off, make sure you have selected a great subject area to tutor in. The big thing here is to choose a subject you feel pretty confident explaining or teaching. To add or change your tutoring subjects, go to the tutoring page:

Your Profile

Next, build your personal Motee profile with all those attributes that make you great. Maybe you are an excellent term paper editor, Spanish speaker, or chemistry wiz? Add your strengths and interests to your profile. It will help others see a complete picture of you and connect with you over similar interests.


This is a fun one: send and receive Motees to start getting your best skills to appear in your tag cloud. Instead of a star rating system, Motee is all about identifying real qualities that make you unique. Ask your friends to endorse you by sending you a Motee. And send one back! It feels good and they will appreciate it.


Very important!  Get the word out to people who want to find a local tutor. Post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and tag Motee (@moteeapp). This will make sure others are aware that you’re all set up and ready for business. Ask if your school has a local tutor list you can join. Craigslist is a viable choice. Post a postcard on the local coffee shop bulletin board or in your dorm common area. Think local. Make local connections.

Be Available

Here’s a hack: Use the “Available Now“ toggle when you have time for someone’s urgent question or immediate need. Sometimes people need spontaneous, unplanned assistance, like proofreading a paper that’s due, or getting through a tough homework math problem. You can always turn it off when you’re too busy!

Stay Safe

And don’t forget: set up your tutoring sessions in a public space, like a library or coffee shop. Make sure you are visible to others, and create a safe space for learning.

Be Respectful

Last, check out our Community Standards for other guidelines about how to create a comfortable and respectful learning environment for your tutoring services.

With some preparation and proactiveness, you’ll be a very successful Motee tutor!

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