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Group Projects Prepare You for Careers After College

Why do most college students cringe when they see the words “group project” on a syllabus? Suddenly, a flood of questions come to mind. Are your group mates going to pull their share of the work? Are they going to provide quality work? Are you going to be able to coordinate schedules between five people?

Guest Contributor Lucy Parsons Gives Us 5 Great Tips for College Success

How to get your studies off to a flying start this college year With the start of a new college year you’ll be eager to get your studies off to a flying start. You’re thinking along the right lines, because starting as you mean to go on is the key to success in any academic

Motee FAQ

Is Motee free? Yes! Motee is a completely free service for any student enrolled in a U.S. college or university. It’s easy to sign up for free using your campus email — click here and select “Sign Up.” Is Motee available at my school? Yes! Motee can be used at any 2 or 4-year college

If only I had known about Motee. A student’s perspective.

How to college. That’s something every college student has to figure out, and unfortunately, it involves a lot of trial and error. One of the most important lessons that you can learn about how to college is that connecting with your classmates and campus community is one of the most beneficial ways to grow and

What TED Talks Have Taught Me About Collaboration

Collaboration is the secret ingredient of many of the world’s greatest innovations, works of art, and social advances. I’ve used TED Talks to research this blog post about collaboration. You can learn to take advantage of collaboration for better results in college. I don’t mean top marks. I mean a full-on, superbetter moment that will carry

Best Advice for Dream Work: Take the Hard Class

Why would you ever take the hard class? Take the hard class? It’s a good question. It’s normal to resist doing hard things because we might fail in the attempt and get things wrong. But if you are not failing with some reasonable frequency, then you are not moving the frontier of what you can

Peer Learning: The Best Hack for Ultimate College Success and Beyond

Peer learning can improve your child’s college experience and set them up for future success. Research conducted by Gallup-Purdue demonstrated a surprising and significant detail. Students who worked together as peer tutors, mentors, or in peer study groups gained more from their university experiences. If you want to see your child flourish after graduation, suggest

Are Compliments as Good as Cash?

When you give compliments to someone, you suddenly brighten their day. It is a delight for anyone to hear great words coming towards them. Think about yourself — wouldn’t you have a great day if the first thing you heard in the morning was a compliment? Compliments are better than cash Receiving compliments resembles finding

Level-up Your College Achievement with a Peer Mentor

Occam’s razor is blazingly simple problem solving. The best path to take is often the simplest. That might be the truest when it comes to traversing the trials, joys, and obstacles of university life. Connecting with a peer mentor in college makes a significant difference in your success during and after college. Why is such

What Motivates Team Motee

Just what motivates team Motee? A few months ago, the Motee Team talked to students on six campuses in the Triangle about their experiences in study groups and peer learning relationships. What they told us inspired me. It was greater than motivation. It was a call to action. I heard students express that getting it